Bee Family

Our adorable bee family costume has something for every member of the family! Dress-up the whole family or take bits and pieces to create your own costume.

Bumblebee Costume


  • McCalls 6106 – View B
  • Dimple Micro Chenille – Bright Yellow – 1/2 pattern suggested amount
  • Dimple Micro Chenille – Black – 1/2 pattern suggested amount
  • Zipper – Closed End 14″
  • Elastic – 1/2″ wide – 3.5m
  • Craft Netting – Black – 1m
  • Boning – Black 2.5m

Free Pattern

Bumblebee Assembly

  1. Cut out your pattern in your desired size

2. To create the bumblebee rings, mark a line from the crotch to the hip on piece 1 & 3

3. Mark a line from the armpit to the center front and center back on piece 1 & 3

4. Cut your pieces on these lines. Using scrap paper add 5/8″ seam allowance to each cut line.

5. Using the pattern cut the middle and ears from yellow and the top, bottom, arms and head from black.

6. Sew top, middle and bottom together to form pieces 1 & 3.

7. Continue with pattern instructions.

Wing Assembly

  1. Cut boning in half. Mark the middle of each strip.

2. Move 3″ to the left of the middle and mark, curve the left end of the boning around to meet the new mark. Stitch in place.

3. Curve the right end of the boning around to meet the new mark, slide 3″ under the stitched section creating a tail. Stitch over the join to secure, leaving the tail unstitched

4. Fold you netting to create 4 layers. Place your wing shape on tops. Cut the netting around the wings, making sure to leave excess seam allowance.

5. Zig-zag stitch the boning to the the netting, pulling tightly. Trim away excess.

Repeat steps 2-5 for 2nd boning strip.

6. Lay wings out with smaller circles at the top, overlap tails and stitch together with a zig-zag stitch to secure.

7. Sew to the back of the bumblebee costume, lining up with the middle, join between the top and middle of the costume.


Bee Keeper


  • McCalls 6251 – Style E
  • Drapery Lining – White – Refer to Pattern + 0.3m
  • Olefin – Almond – 0.3m
  • Mosquito Netting – Black – 0.3m
  • Zipper – Closed End 22″
  • Knit Cuffs – Refer to pattern

Free Pattern

Coverall Assembly

  1. Follow the directions of McCalls 6251 to make your coveralls using the drapery lining, knit cuffs and zipper.

Bucket Hat Assembly

  1. Using our bucket hat pattern and instructions, make a bucket hat. Use Olefin for the main fabric and Drapery Lining for the lining.

2. Measure the Brim of your bucket hat and cut a rectangle from the mosquito netting measuring 10″ wide by the length of the brim.

3. Topstitch the mosquito netting to the brim of your bucket hat.

4. Hot glue bees to the netting and hat



  • Tailor Yarn – Dishcloth Dazzle – Yellow
  • Tailor Yarn – Dishcloth Dazzle – Black
  • Pompom Maker – 4cm pompoms

Bee Assembly

  1. Using your small pompom maker, mark 4 equal sections on either side.

2. Wrap both yarns around the base. Starting in your first section wrap the black yarn around. When you come to the end of the section pull to the side and out of the way.

3. Repeat with your yellow yarn. Alternate black and yellow yarn until you finish all 4 sections.

4. Pull your final threads through and tie a knot. Remove your pompom.


Bee Hive


  • Broadcloth – Beige – 4m
  • Fibre Fill – 4lbs bags – 2 bags
  • Fibre Fill – 2lbs bags – 1 bag
  • Home Decor Thread – Beige – 1 spool
  • Craft Netting – Black – 0.2m
  • Boning – Clear – 1m
  • Headband – 1
  • Hot Glue
  • Dritz Decorator Needles

Free Pattern

Cutting Instructions

From Broadcloth cut:
(23) 6″ x WOF rectangles. Sub cut:
(2) 6″ x 33 3/4” rectangles
(2) 6″ x 22 1/2” rectangles
(2) 4″ x WOF rectangles

From Netting cut:
(6) 3 1/2” circles

From Boning cut:
(1) 11″ strip
(1) 10″ strips
(1) 9″ strip
(1) 7″ strip
(1) 6″ strip

Hive Assembly

Large Hoop

  1. Take (2) 6″ x WOF rectangles and sew short ends together to make a long strip.

2. Fold strip in half lengthwise, right sides together. Stitch along, leaving a 2″ gap at either side.

3. Pull tube right sides out. Place ends rights sides together and stitch to form a circle.

4. Stuff tube with fibrefill until firm.

5. Topstitch opening closed.

Repeat for a total of (8) large circles.

Medium Hoop

Repeat steps 1-5 of large hoop assembly. Using (1) 6″ x WOF rectangles and (1) 6″ x 33 3/4” rectangle.

Repeat for a total of (2) medium hoops

Small Hoop

Repeat steps 1-5 of large hoop assembly. Using (1) 6″ x WOF rectangles and (1) 6″ x 22 1/2” rectangle.

Repeat for a total of (2) small hoops.

7. Place two large hoops on top of each other, using home décor thread and decorator needle. Stitch through both tubes on the inside of the hoops. Repeat going around the hoops until both are connected.

8. Repeat step 7 for remaining large hoops. Then repeat to join (2) medium hoops to the large. Once connected, repeat to join (2) small hoops to the medium.

9. Measure desired shoulder strap length. Cut length from (2) 4″ x WOF rectangles. Place right sides together, stitch long side, turn tube right way out and press.

10. Hand-stitch to the top side of the hive.

11. Hot Glue bee’s to the hive

Head Piece Assembly

  1. Layer (6) netting circles. Zig-zag stitch around the edge to secure.

2. Fold under the bottom 1/2″ of each boning strip

3. Pin each folded end to the netting circle, starting with the longest in the middle and the shortest at the outside. Stitch to secure.

4. Hot glue (1) Bee to the end of each strip

5. Hot glue netting circle to headband



Check out @wooly.petals on Instagram for all of her amazing felt creations!

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