Christmas Skirt from a Tree Skirt Panel!

Sometimes things have a multi-purpose use! Today we will show you how to take our Christmas Joy collection tree skirt panel and make a festive Christmas skirt.


  • 2 Tree Skirt Panels from Christmas Joy
  • 3m of black tulle
  • 3m of ribbon
  • 0.2m lightweight fusible interfacing
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine


  1. Cut out your tree skirt panels

2. Measure 5/8″ up from the black into the red. You will want to measure around the half circle and multiply by two to ensure the circumference of the finished circle is larger than your waist measurement.

3. Cut out your newly marked line.

4. Place your skirts pieces right sides together. Stitch up one side seams.

5. Sew your zipper in on the other side seam and finish the rest of the seam.

6. Sew two gathering stitches in the top edge of the skirt and gather to fit your waist.

7. Measure the length of your skirt.

8 Cut tulle to the same length as the skirt.

9. Sew two gathering stitches in the top edge of the tulle and gather to the same length as the skirt.

10. Sew your side seam together leaving the length of the zipper at the top.

11. Place your skirt on top of the tulle matching seams. Place the ribbon on the skirt right sides together and stitch all three layers together.

12. Fold the ribbon over and edgestitch down.

13. Fold the hem up 1/4″ and stitch.

14. Cut 2 pieces of fusible interfacing using the hangtag as a pattern and fuse one piece to the wrong side of each gift tag

15. Place right sides together and stitch around the edge of tag leaving a 2″ open to turn right side out. Cut out the circle and stitch around it.

16. Edgestitch around the gift tag and attach it to the ribbon of your skirt.

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