Circle Skirt

Create a basic circle skirt to wear on its own or create a bodice and make a dress! Find your measurements on the chart to avoid doing the calculations.


  1. Measure your waist, don’t pull too tight as you don’t want your skirt to be tight. Using our cheat sheet work out what the radius of your waist measurement is.

2. Fold your fabric in half right sides together selvedge to selvedge. Then fold it together again wrong sides together lengthwise. This will give you a corner with 2 folded sides like so.

3. From the top corner of the folds measure down your radius length. Measure across the radius length and diagonally. Connect these lines to make a curve.

4. Using this same method measure out the length of your skirt. Remember to add 1/2″ for your hem.

5. Cut out your skirt, following the hem line and waist line you just drew.

6. Hem as desired


  1. Use your waist measurement to make a waistband. Use your waist measurement plus 1″ for the length. For the width take the finished width you want your waistband to be and times it by two plus 1″.
  • If you are using knit fabric you will not need an opening and can go ahead and sew both ends of your band right sides together to create a circle. Fold your band in half and sew to the waistband of your skirt.
    • If you do not have a serger, sew knit fabric with a zig-zag, stretch stitch (lightning bolt stitch) or  3 step zig-zag stitch. Do not sew with a straight stitch as it will snap when stretched.

Closure Options

  1. When measuring for the waist size we cut out 1 size bigger.

2. Once you have your circle skirt cut out, cut a back seam right down the back of the skirt.

Zipper Closure

  1. Insert a zipper into the back seam of the skirt. Stitch up the remain back seam.
  2. For the waistband: Fold your waistband right sides together lengthwise and stitch both ends. Clip your corners, turn right side out and press.
  3. Attach to your skirt.
  4. Hand-sew a hook & eye to your waistband.

Tie Closure

  1. Cut your waistband to be your waist measurement + (the length of your tie x 2) by the double the finished width of your waistband plus ½” seam allowance.
    • For example, we did a 29” waist and 15” ties so we cut our waistband as:-  29 + 30 = 59”

2.Place your skirt and waistband right sides together and stitch

3. Fold your waistband right sides together and stitch along the ties and up the edges. Clip your corners.

4. Turn ties right sides out and press.

5. Topstitch over your skirt securing the other side of the waistband.

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