Cow Costume DIY

Mooooving into Halloween season with our DIY Cow costume. We have included instructions for a baby version, adult headband and tips for the adult costume!

Baby Cow Costume

Baby Cow Costume
Cow Materials


  • White Baby Onesie and Hat
  • Optional: Make your own onesie and hat with McCalls 7423
  • 0.2m black flannelette
  • 1 pink felt sheet
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Optional: Fabric Glue


  1. Using the patterns provided cut out the spots from the black flannelette and the large ear piece, cut as many as required to cover your onesie. Cut the belly patch and ears from the pink felt.

2. Place the spots and belly patch on the onesie and pin in place.

3. Using a zigzag stitch sew the pieces into place. Alternatively, for a no-sew option, you can use fabric glue to glue the pieces into place.

4. Place your earpieces on the top knots of the hat and again zigzag into place.

5. Tie the knots into place to create two little ears.

Baby Cow Costume

Cow Headband

Adult Cow Headband


  • Polyester Fill
  • Headband
  • An assortment of felt sheets
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine

Tips for Adult Costume

  • Use pattern Burda6599 to create a set of overalls
  • Using the pattern provided cut out spots from black flannelette and sew or glue onto the overalls
  • Cut out a pink belly and attach to the centre of the overalls.
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