Cupcake Costume

Cupcake Costume


  • 3m medium weight felt
  • 2m party dot fabric
  • 1 bag of polyester fill
  • 2m of sequin elastic
  • 1m of elastic (optional)
  • thread
  • scissors
  • sewing machine


Step 1
  1. Prepare your felt by cutting to the desired length, the 3m will be your width. Draw a line 2 1/2″ wide on the short edge. Draw two more lines 2 1/2″ wide each.
Step 2

2. Fold the felt along the line you just drew. Finger press a crease.

Step 3

3. Edgestitch along the crease all the way down. Fold the second line in the opposite direction and begin edge stitching at the top and working down to a 5/8″ stitch at the bottom. On the third line fold it in the same direction as the first and edgestitch. Use your 3 pleats to measure the next pleats and alternate from just edge stitching on one pleat and then edge stitching at the top to 5/8″ at the bottom on the next pleat. This will create accordion pleats with the bottom of the felt leaning inwards.

Step 4

4. Fold your short edges together and zigzag stitch to finish.

5. Measure the desired length of your suspenders and cut the length from your sequin elastic. Zigzag stitch in place on the top edge of your felt cupcake liner.

step 6

6. For the top of the cupcake we are going to draft a circle skirt. Measure the width of your body where the top of the cupcake will sit. We chose the top of the bust. To create your circle follow the below directions.

  • Width example = 36″
  • Calculate the radius. r= width/2(3.14)
  • Using this radius draw a circle and cut out a quarter of it.
  • Fold your fabric in half selvedges together and then fold it raw edges together so you have four layers of fabric.
  • Place your pattern piece on the corner of the fabric, pin in place and cut.

7. Measure as far down as the fabric will allow and draw the outer edge of your circle.

Step 8

8. Cut the edge of the circle. You will now have a piece of fabric that looks like a donut.

Step 9

9. Sew two gather edges on the bottom edge of the circle and begin gathering.

Step 10

10. Gather until the bottom edge is the same size as your smaller edge. Stitch with right sides together the gathered circle to the smaller circle leaving a 5″ opening.

Step 11

11. Stuff your cupcake top with polyester fill until the desired fullness is reached.

Step 12

12. Take your width and subtract 2″, cut this length from the remainder of your sequin elastic and stitch the ends right sides together.

13. Sew your sequin elastic to the inner circle of your cupcake, stretching slightly as you go. If your top isn’t quite tight enough you can add elastic to the sequin elastic.

Cupcake Costume

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  1. Nicola Newington says:

    Would that be a 1lb bag or a 4lb bag of fibrefill? Fun costume!

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