DIY Shirred Midi Dress

You’ve seen it all over Instagram so why not make your own!
This shirred midi dress will meet all your cottagecore fashion needs. Soft and flowy with comfortable shirring against your body, giving you shape and support, you will barely even feel like you’re wearing the rest of the dress. It’s that effortless. 


  • 1.5m-3m* : Whisper Novelty Gauze Prints
  • 1 spool* : Elastic Thread – White
  • 1 packet : Elastic 1/4” wide

*Fabric requirements / spool amount will vary depending on width and length of fabric and desired shirring.

Measuring Instructions

Cutting Instructions

From Whisper Novelty Gauze Prints cut:
Dress Body – (1) DW x B
Sleeves – (2) ST x D

From Elastic Cut:
(2) C x 1/4
(2) E x 1/4

Dress Assembly

Seam Allowance: 1/4″

1. Hem the top and bottom edge of your dress body panel.

2. Fold dress wrong sides together and stitch down your side seam. Press and trim seam close to the stitching.

3. Turn dress wrong side out and press seam. Place the seam right sides together and stitch.

4. Mark down F from the top of the dress. Shirr in round until you have reached the desired length.
For more help with shirring visit our blog on Shirring

5. Place sleeves right sides together, find the center of the bottom edge and measure out 1/2 of SB on either side. Mark from each end of SB to the corner of the top edge of your sleeve. Trim away excess.
Hem top and bottom edge.

6. With wrong side up, mark 3″ up from the bottom edge. Pin E elastic across the marking, stretching as needed.
Zig-zag stitch across securing elastic to the sleeve.

7. Fold the top edge down 1/2″ and stitch across to make a channel, feed C elastic through the channel and stitch to secure at each side.

8. Repeat steps 2- 3 for sleeve seams.

9. Pin the top of the sleeve right sides together with the side of the dress. Pin in place and stitch 3″ to secure.
Repeat for 2nd sleeve.

Sleeves can be worn down or up over the shoulder.

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