Fanny Pack

Bringing back this trend with a FREE pattern to sew your own fanny pack! Dress up your summer wardrobe with our fun home decor fabric and a bag you don’t have to carry! Our updated pattern is wider with a pocket to offer more space!


  • 1m Strapping
  • 0.3m of home decor or heavyweight fabric
  • 0.3m lining
  • 1 slide
  • 1 parachute clip
  • 14″ closed-end zipper


  1. Take your lining pieces and press the top edge of your front piece back ¼” and the curved edge of your top piece back ¼”.

2. Place your top lining right sides together with your back lining and stitch across the top.

3. Then take your front lining and place right sides together with your back lining, stitch around and set to the side.

4. Attach tabs to both ends of your zipper, your tab is the width of your zipper by 2 ½” long.

5. Take your main fabric top piece and main fabric front piece, mark in the middle of both pieces and use this to attach the zipper to both sides – See Exposed zipper tutorial.

6. Cut a 5” piece of the strapping and thread it through the female end of the clip buckle. Line up the ends between two of the side pieces (right sides together) and stitch together with a ¼” seam. Stitch the two adjacent sides with a ¼” seam, clip corners and turn. Press these pieces with your iron on low.

7. Place one raw end of the remaining strapping between the second two side pieces (right sides together) and repeat as above.

8. Pin your side pieces on to the fabric with your strapping facing toward your back main fabric piece, baste the edge.

9. Make sure your straps are out of the way and place the front piece on top of your back pieces, right sides together and pin. Open the zipper a little to make it easier to turn.

10. Stitch a ¼” seam around the edge. Turn right way out through your zipper.

11. Place lining inside of main fabric bag, wrong sides together.

12. Match up the back seam and stitch across.

13. Now pin pressed edges of the lining to the inside of the zip, topstitch.

14. Using a slider and the male part of your clip finish the strap. Tack down the loose end. We made our strap 30” before folding.

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