Halloween Ponchos

Looking for a quick and easy Halloween costume? Make a simple poncho and follow one of our 3 designs or make one of your own! Be a scrappy scarecrow, a glowing jack-o-lantern or a spooky skeleton. This project is great for beginners and easy to adapt to different sizes!



  • Main Fabric: 2m Satin
  • Collar Fabric: 0.5m Satin
  • Face Fabric: 0.2m scrap
  • 1 Button
  • Thread


  1. Measure your neck, be sure not to pull to tight as you don’t want your poncho to be too tight. Using our cheat sheet work out what the radius of your neck measurement is. Use the measurement 1 size up from your actual measurement to allow for ease.

2. Fold your fabric in half right sides together selvedge to selvedge. Then fold it together again wrong sides together lengthwise. This will give you a corner with 2 folded sides.

3. From the top corner of the folds measure down your radius length. Measure across the radius length and diagonally. Connect those lines to make a quarter of a circle.

4. Using the same method, measure out the length of your poncho. We measured from our neck to our wrist then added 1/2″ for hem allowance. Example: neck to wrist=28 1/2″ + 1/2″= 29 1/2″. Measure down the length and diagonally. Connect these lines to make a quarter of a circle.

5. Cut out your poncho following the hem line and the neck line.

6. Using the provided triangle template cut around the hem of your poncho, moving the template as you go.

*If your fabric frays then use Fray Check on the edges.

7. Repeat steps 1-6 with your contrasting fabric using your neck measurement and a length of 10″.

8. Place the wrong side of your collar to the right side of your poncho and pin in place.

9. Stitch with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

10. Notch your seam allowance, turn right way out and press.

11. At the base of your neck, draw a line down measuring 5″.

12. At the bottom of your line draw across 1/2″ on either side.

13. Cut down the line stopping 1/4″ before the end of the line and clip diagonally to meet your 1/2″ marks.

14. Fold the sides and triangle to the wrong side, press and topstitch down.

15. Cut a strip of fabric measuring 2″ x 1″. Fold your two long sides in to meet in the middle and press. Fold in half and press. Topstitch to create a 1/4″ strip.

16. Fold your strip in half to create button loop. Place at the top of your neck opening and stitch in place.

17. Attach a button to the opposite side of the opening.

18. Using the template provided cut out a jack-o-lantern face from black fabric. Pin to the front right side of your poncho and zig-zag stitch around to secure.



  • Main Fabric: 2m of burgundy corduroy
  • Contrast Fabric: 0.2m mustard corduroy
  • Patches: scraps of plaid and suede
  • 1 Button
  • Embroidery thread & needle
  • Thread


  1. Follow jack-o-lantern instructions Step 1-5 to create the poncho.

2. Cut out random shapes and triangles from the hem of your poncho to create a tattered look.

3. Follow jack-o-lantern steps 1-5 with your contrasting fabric to make the collar. Use your neck radius and a length of 10″. Again cut out random shapes and triangles from the hem to make it look tattered.

4. Follow steps 8-17 of the jack-o-lantern to finish the poncho.

5. Using your scrap fabric cut out small various rectangles. Pin in random spots on the poncho and handstitch in place with the embroidery thread.



  • Main Fabric: 2m black fleece
  • Contrasting Fabric: 0.2m white fleece
  • Scrap Fabric: pink fleece
  • Heat n Bond Ultra
  • Thread


  1. Follow jack-o-lantern instructions Step 1-5 to create the poncho.
  2. Fold your hem up 1/2″ and stitch to secure.
  3. Follow steps 11-17 to complete the poncho

4. Using the pattern provided cut out the skeleton from white fleece and the heart from pink fleece.

5. Follow the instructions on the Heat n Bond to secure the skeleton and heart to the front of the poncho.

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