Mountain Peak: Quilted Jacket

Give this new trend a try using our step by step instructions to build your own quilt jacket. We used Vogue 1563 to create this beautiful quilted jacket


  • Fabric A: 1m Texture Blender – Navy
  • Fabric B: 2.9m Texture Blender – Denim
  • Fabric C: 2.1m Texture Blender – Silver
  • Fabric D: 2m Lining
  • Pattern: Vogue 1563
  • Batting: 90″ x 95″

Cutting Instructions

From Fabric A cut:
(3) 8″ x WOF strips. Sub Cut:
(23) 8″ x 8″ squares

From Fabric B cut:
(14) 8″ x WOF strips. Sub cut:
(69) 8″ x 8″ squares

From Fabric C cut:
(10) 8″ x WOF strips. Sub cut:
(46) 8″ x 8″ squares

Block Assembly

  • Place (1) A, right sides together with (1) B
  • Draw a diagonal line corner to corner and stitch 1/4″ on either side
  • Cut down middle and press open. Trim to 7″ squares
  • Repeat with remaining (22) A and (22) B

Repeat the above steps with (46) B and (46) C

Sew A/B > C/B > C/B > B/A together to create 1 row

Pattern Prep

The first step to making a quilted jacket is to lay out all pattern pieces and decide what will be kept the same, what will be joined together before cutting and what will be excluded.

We are using Vogue 1563. These are the changes we made:

  • We joined our back piece to make one full back piece. Instead of a piece cut on fold trace out the pattern, marking the fold line and flip it along this line to trace out the other side.
  • We joined our sleeve pieces.
  • We excluded the sleeve band, upper pocket, welt and facing

Quilting Sizing

Once you have reviewed your pieces, measure the back piece for the full width and length. This will be the width and length needed for your back panel of quilting.
We are doing a size 12 so our full back width is 25″ and our length is 38″.
For our size we need the row to be slightly wider than 25″ so we are doing four 6 1/2″ finished half square triangles across to give us 26 1/2″ width.

For our length we will need 6 rows to give us 39 1/2″

We will use 6 1/2″ finished size HST for all our other pieces.

*For wider or longer coat patterns you will need to adjust the size of the HST.


  • Do not cut out any pattern pieces until you have quilted your blocks.
  • Do not cut any pieces on the fold. Cut on the flat by tracing your pattern piece and then flipping it to trace the other side.

Pattern Matching

Once we have our full back piece block we can start to match the pattern to our other pieces.
The easiest way to do this is have all bottom edges
lined up with the bottom of your quilt blocks.

  • To match these pieces we will line the bottom edge of the lower front up with the bottom edge of our quilt piece.
  • This shows us we need to make 2 piece’s that are 3 blocks wide x 3 rows high.
  • We then take our upper front and overlap the seam allowance on the lower front.
  • This shows us where the bottom of the upper front will lie.
  • We will need to make 2 piece’s that are 3 blocks wide x 4 rows high.

Continue matching your pattern pieces up until you have block and row amounts for each piece.

Sleeve: 1 row x 5 full rows high

Upper collar and front facing: 2 blocks wide x 7 rows high

Upper Front: 3 blocks wide x 4 rows high

Lower Front: 3 blocks wide x 3 rows high

Pocket: 2 blocks wide x 1 row high


Prior to cutting and sewing your pieces together you will need to quilt your pieces. You have two options:

  • Quilt top > Batting > Backing. With this method we would bind the seams and not line the jacket
  • Quilt top > Batting. We used this method and lined our jacket.

Pattern Piece Diagram

Pattern Piece Quilted and Cut out


  • Follow pattern instructions for Vogue 1563 to create jacket
  • Line up and pin edges before stitching. This will ensure the seams are matching and give your jacket a seamless finish.
  • If you are lining the jacket, line as normal but do not use any interfacing. The batting is enough to stabilize the jacket.
  • If you do not line the jacket, bind the edges and seam allowance to finish.
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