Piñata Costume

This cape is FABULOUS! Pinata costume or not we are going to be sporting this all winter! Get creative with your costumes and create the perfect pinata coat matched with a candy slip dress.


  • Main Fabric:
    • Small: 2.6m
    • Medium: 3.2m
    • Large: 3.6m
  • Contrast fabric:
    • 1.6m of 5 different colours of metallic knit
  • Fringe cutter
  • Thread


Kimono Cardigan

You can refer to our Kimono Cardigan tutorial here for the jacket and modify it as per below. We made ours knee-length, due to the nature of the fabric and weight of the fringe it stretched below the knee. For a shorter version use the measurements from the Kimono Cardigan/

  1. Prepare your fabric and cut as per your size.
    • 50″ x WOF for Small/Medium
    • 60″ x WOF for Medium/Large
    • 70″ x WOF for Large/XL

Fold your fabric in half right sides together with the raw edges together.

2. Cut along your fold line to create two separate pieces, one for the front and one for the back. Following our kimono cardigan tutorial cut out your side seams and sleeves.

3. On the front piece create your neck hole. Set both, front and back, pieces aside.


4. Cut your assorted colors into 6″ wide strips by the width of your fabric.

5. Using your fringe cutter, fringe strips. Cut into 6″ squares. If you don’t plan on alternating colors you do not need to cut into squares.

6. Mark a 1/4″ seam allowance around your kimono cardigan. Starting at the bottom place a row of fringe on your cardigan back and stitch.

7. Continue to alternate colors sewing rows 1” apart until you get to the top of your fabric.

8. Repeat on the front side of your kimono cardigan.

9. Carefully pin the front and back right sides together at the top shoulder, underarm sleeve and side seams. Making sure there is no fringe caught sew together with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

10. If you have fabric that frays you can hem your sleeves and bottom.


Using our slip dress tutorial create the inside of a pinata! We used the quilt collection Snack Time to make our candy dress, perfect for the inside of a pinata!

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