Pineapple Costume

These costumes are as sweet as a pineapple! The headband crown is the perfect touch to complete this costume. Team up with your favorite kiddo or rock it on your own!

Pineapple Dress


  • Womens Shift Dress Pattern – we used Burda 6721
  • Kids Shift Dress Pattern – we used Burda 9380
  • Dark yellow fabric – use your pattern to determine the amount needed
  • Zippers
  • Fabric Paint and/or Fabric pens
  • Optional: Template sheets to create a template for painting (you can freehand your design)


Cut out your pattern pieces from your fabric. Using the fabric paint or markers draw a pineapple pattern. We went with a simple ‘V’ pattern

Sew your dress together as per the directions on the pattern.

Pineapple Crown


  • 0.5m forest green medium weight felt
  • 1.5m heavyweight fusible interfacing
  • Foam Cone
  • Headband
  • Hot Glue

*Materials given are for 1 crown*


  1. Using the template provided cut out the required amount of each size leaf from your interfacing.

2. Fuse your interfacing leaves to the felt and cut out the felt leaves.

3. Trim down your cone from the base to the desired size.

4. Begin gluing your leaves around the cone. Start with your large leaves around the top of the cone, the medium leaves next and then lastly add your small leaves around the bottom.

5. Trace the base of the cone from your felt and cut out the circle. Glue to the bottom of the cone.

6. Glue your crown to the headband and set aside to cool. And then add more glue!


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