Quilt Along: Block 12

Welcome to Block 12 of our Quilt Along!! There are printable instructions and a video tutorial! If you want even more interaction join us every Wednesday on our Facebook page www.facebook/FabriclandWest for a live sew-along were we will go over the two blocks for the week and answer any questions you might have.

Block 12 is a diamond block and our first step into paper piecing.


  1. Print off the pattern provided and cut out the pieces, joining where necessary. Cut rectangle large enough to cover each piece, we used 6 different colors.

2. Starting with Piece U. Place your fabric on the backside of your paper covering the middle triangle.

3. Place your A piece right sides together with your C piece. Stitch along the line on the paper attaching A to C. Trim the excess.

4. Repeat this process placing E on top of A and stitching along the line on the paper.

5. Continue adding your pieces and stitching along the lines of your paper pieces.

6. Repeat the same process with Piece V.

7. Sew piece T to piece U to Piece V to Piece W. Remove the paper piecing from the back and press.


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  1. Carol Hogan says:

    Does Block 12 get printable instructions?

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