Quilt Along: Block 2

Welcome to Block 2 of our Quilt Along!! There are printable instructions and a video tutorial! If you want even more interaction join us every Wednesday on our Facebook page www.facebook/FabriclandWest for a live sew-along were we will go over the two blocks for the week and answer any questions you might have.

Block 2 is a pinwheel design block.


  1. Cut 4 squares measuring 7″ x 7″. It will be easier to follow if you use four different kinds of fabric.

2. Choose which colors you want to pair together. Our first pair is the yellow and orange squares. Place them right sides together.

3. Draw a line diagonally from point to point.

4. To secure your two pieces together you can pin across the line you just drew. We are going to stitch on either side of the line, 1/4″ away.

5. Cut along the line you drew.

6. You now have 2 squares with 2 different colors or patterns. Press your seams in the same direction on both squares.

7. Repeat these steps with your two other colors or patterns.

8. Layout your squares in the way you want your pinwheel to look. We have the orange and yellow pieces on the left and brown and red pieces on the right. Place your two top squares right sides together and stitch with 1/4″ seam allowance. Press the seam to the left.

9. Repeat with your bottom two squares. Press your seam to the right.

10. Place your top row rights sides together with your bottom row and stitch with 1/4″ seam allowance.

11. Press your seam up or down and square your edges.

Block 3 coming May 6!

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