Robot Costume

Why do robots have summer holidays? To recharge their batteries. These robots are recharged and ready for Halloween! Our robot family is rocking the bright fun felt colors and will be easy to spot this Halloween!


  • Heavy Felt
  • Stretch Fabric
  • Elastic
  • 0.2m Hook & Loop Tape
  • Beacon Felt Glue
  • Thread
  • Assorted Felt Scraps

Material Quantities

*Quantities are based on one costume.*

Cutting Felt Pieces

Use the below to calculate your felt piece sizes.

MeasurementHow many to cutExample
Head Square(circumference of head / 4 + 4″522″/4=5.5″+4″= 9.5″
Body Front & Backlength= shoulder to knee
width= width of shoulders + 4″
224″ x 21″
Body Sideslength= same as above
width= circumference of widest part / 4 + 4″
NeckWidth of shoulders from above x Body side width from above121″ x 13″
Hand SquaresSmall= 5″ x 5″
Medium= 6″ x 6″
Large= 7″ x 7″
Feet RectanglesSmall: Length= length of shoe + 2″ Width= 5″
Medium: Length= length of shoe +2″ Width= 6″
Large: Length of shoe +2″ Width= 7″
6 rectangles
4 squares

Preparing Felt Boxes

To help with sewing you can mark 1/4″ in at every corner so you will know where to stop.

Hand Boxes

Take two hand boxes and cut a 3 1/2″ circle out of the middle. For adults, you might need to increase this to a 4 1/2″ circle to accommodate the hand. Test to make sure your hands will fit through the hole.

Feet Boxes

Take two feet rectangles and measure in 2″ from the short end. Place the top of your 3 1/2″ circle on this mark and center between the long edges. Cut out your 3 1/2″ circle. For adults, you might need to increase this to a 5″ circle to accommodate the foot. Test to make sure your feet will fit through the hole.

Head Box

Take 1 head piece and mark in 1 1/2″ from the sides. Mark the middle on the top and measure down 1 1/2″. Draw in the front opening going straight up from your 1 1/2″ mark and rounding to meet your top 1 1/2″ mark. Cut out along these lines to create the face opening.

Cut out a head strap piece measuring the length of the head box by 1″.

Take your head strap and your face box. Place your face box on top of your strap and line up with the bottom of your box (the side with the widest opening) stitch one side of the face box to the strap.

Cut a 1″ x 1″ piece of hook and loop tape. Stitch one end to your head box and the other to the end of the head strap piece. This will make the head easy to get on and off.

Neck Box

Take your neck piece and mark the middle on all four sides. On the long ends measure in 1 1/2″ and on the short ends measure in 4″. Join your marks to create a circular shape, cut out. Make sure your head will fit through this hole. Adjust as needed.

Side Armhole Box

Take your body side pieces and mark the middle of your short side. Measure down 2″ and mark. Place the top of your 5″ circle on this mark and centre. Cut out your armhole. Ensure your arm will fit through this hole.

Sewing Your Boxes Together

To sew all of our boxes together we will be placing wrong sides together and stitching with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Place your first two boxes wrong sides together and stitch from corner to corner using your 1/4″ marks as reference of where to start and stop.

Continue stitching all of your pieces onto the centre piece.

You can now repeat matching up the ¼” dots and sew down the sides, sew all the way to the bottom past the ¼” marks. Set your head aside.

Use the same process to connect your hand and feet boxes.

Repeat this process with the body. Make sure your armholes are on the top.

Creating Sleeves

Calculate the following measurements
Circumference of armhole opening
Circumference of hand box opening
Underarm length (measure from underarm to wrist) x 2

For example, our circumference of our 5″ armhole opening is 16″, the 3 1/2″ hand opening is 11 1/2″ and our underarm length is 15″ x 2 = 30″

Using your fabric cut out 2 sleeves using the measurements to create this funnel shape.

Place your sleeve right sides together and stitch with 1/2″ seam allowance.

Cut a piece of elastic the length of your original underarm measurement (example. 15″) and stitch to the seam allowance of your underarm seam. You will need to start a 1/4″ down from the top and pull tight as you’re sewing. Repeat with the other sleeve and turn right side out.

Using Beacon felt glue, apply glue to the inside of a hand box and attach the smaller end of your sleeve. Pin in place while glue sets.

Apply glue to the inside of the armhole and attach the other side of your sleeve. Pin in place until glue sets.

*Don’t worry if it is not a perfect fit! You might need to pleat a couple of edges to make it fit.

Creating Pants

Using a loose fitting pant pattern or a pair of your own pants we are going to create pants out of our fabric.

If your using a pair of your pants, trace out the front and back leg to create a front pant pattern and a back pant pattern.

Cut your pattern across at the knee and extend by the length of your knee to hem measurement. For example, ours was 16″

To add some room for movement and allow us to gather we are going to square out our front leg piece. Square down from the front centre seam to the hem line.

Cut out your pants and sew together. Sew outseams first then inseams. Turn one leg inside out and place the other leg in it right sides together matching crotch seams. Stitch crotch seam.

Cut a piece of elastic the length of your original inseam measurement (example. 20″) and stitch to the seam allowance of your inseam seam. You will need to start a 1/4″ down from the top and pull tight as you’re sewing. Repeat with the other leg and turn right side out.

Cut a piece of elastic your waist measurement subtracting 2″. Fold-over top waist 1″ and stitch, leaving a 1/2″ opening to thread elastic through.

Take your remaining feet boxes and glue the leg openings to them the same way as the hand boxes.

Body Decorations

Add dials, buttons, panels as desired! And don’t forget a heart to bring your robot alive!


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