Snuggle Poncho

Snuggle up for a night in with these cozy, warm snuggle ponchos! Make one for yourself and one for everyone else! The perfect handmade gift for just about everyone on your Christmas list.


  • 2.6m double bonded fleece
  • 0.2m ribbed knit


Main Fabric
(1)45″x90″ Main Body rectangle
(2)16″x12″ pocket rectangles
(2)16″x16″ hood rectangles
(2) 23″x16″ sleeve squares

Ribbed Knit
(2)8″x6″ cuff rectangles

Poncho Assembly

  1. Layout your 45” x 90” main body rectangle.

2. Fold in half lengthwise, right sides together.

3. Mark the middle of your fold

4. Measure 3 1/2” down from the middle, and 4 1/2” out from either side of the middle.

5. Join your marks in a curve to create a half circle.

6. Cut out on the fold to create your neck hole.

7. Measure down 11” from the fold on the edge of your fabric and mark, this is your armhole.

8. Measure a further 5” and mark, measure a further 6” and mark, the 6” distance will be your pocket opening.

9. Take your pocket and fold it in half lengthwise, right sides together. Mark 1/2” down from the top, from there mark a further 6” down to make your matching pocket opening.

10. Turn your pocket right way out and line up your pocket openings, wrong to right side. Pin in place and stitch on the front and back of your hoodie. Then with your pocket wrong sides together, stitch across the top, bottom and along the remaining open sides to close your pocket bag.

11. Turn your hoodie right way out and fold your pocket in, Pin your sides wrong sides together if you want exposed seams or right sides together if you do not. Stitch your side seam but not your armhole.

12. Flatten your exposed seams to show the wrong side.

13. Cut out 2 funnel shaped sleeves, they will be 23” at the top and 13” at the bottom, the length is 16”.

14. Fold in half wrong sides together (for exposed seams), pin in place and stitch.

15. Flatten your exposed seams to show the wrong side.

16. Line up with your armhole, pin in place wrong sides together and stitch.

17. Flatten your exposed seams to show the wrong side.

18. Take your 8” x 6” Cuff rectangle.

19. Fold in half right sides together.

20. Stitch down your length to create a tube.

21. Fold in half wrong sides together, matching the seam, to make your cuff.

22. Place right sides together with your sleeve.

23. Pin and stitch in place.

Hood Assembly

24. Take your 16”x 16“ Hood rectangles and mark 4” diagonally out from the top corner.

25. Draw a curve in from the bottom and top corners.

26. Cut out your curve from both pieces of hood.

27. Place wrong sides together.

28. Fold back your front flat edge 1/2” and top stitch, sew your curves together to create your hood.

29. Pin wrong sides to your neck, creating an overlap at the front, and sew together.


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