Spider Costume

Spooktacular spider costume for all ages! Make this costume come alive by raising your arms! Add it to a pre-existing pajama set or make one from scratch.


  • Pattern: Burda 9326
  • Main Fabric: 2m Jersey
  • Ripped Knit: 0.5m
  • Jersey Ball point needles
  • Poly fill: 4lb bag
  • Invisible thread


  1. Choose a pattern like Burda 9326 and use it to create a top and bottom. Alternatively, you can use black pajamas.

*Do NOT sew the sleeve underarm seam or the shirt side seams.

2. Measure the length of your sleeve and cut 6 rectangles measuring 5″ wide by the underarm sleeve length.

For example, our sleeve measures 15 1/2″ so we cut out 6 rectangles measuring 5″ x 15 1/2″

3. Fold your long edges right sides together and stitch with 1/4″ seam allowance along the long edge and one short end. Repeat for all 6 rectangles.

4. Turn right side out and stuff all 6 spider arms, set aside.

5. Measure down from your underarm seam to the bottom of your top. Disperse three of your legs evenly along the side seam, pin in place.

Spread out the arms. Measure from the bottom end of the sleeve all the way down to the end of your last arm. Using this measurement (drop length),
your sleeve measurement and the length of your top we will cut out the spiders web like so:

6. If you are making your own top you can evenly space 3 arms and the web between each side seam of your top and stitch the side seam closed securing the arms. We left a 1″ gap between each arm. If you are using a pre-made top, fold the open ends of the arms in ¼” and slip stitch the opening shut. Now space evenly along the side seams and topstitch to

7. Place the top of the spider web between the underarm and sew to secure. Using invisible thread hand-stitch the arms to the web.

Show us your sassy spider!
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