Spooky Face Masks

Feeling spooky? How about a jack-o-lantern face mask or a skeleton buff!
Create your own jack-o-lantern using the pattern provided and add a little extra haunt to your face mask. Or opt for the skeleton buff!

Pumpkin Face Mask


  • 0.4m orange cotton fabric
  • 0.2m black cotton fabric
  • elastic
  • thread


  1. Using the pattern provided choose and cut out your jack-o-lantern face from the black material. Using this size guide cut out your orange fabric.
  • XS: Rectangle: 12″ x 4″
  • S: Rectangle: 14″ x 5″
  • M: Rectangle: 15″ x 8.5″
  • L: Rectangle: 16″ x 8.5″

2. Place your face on the mask fabric up 2″ from the bottom. Pin in place and topstitch around the pieces.

3. Fold your mask right sides together matching the short ends. Stitch with a 1/2″ seam allowance leaving a 2″ gap.

4. Press the seam open and edgestitch along both sides of the seam allowance.

5. Using the guide below cut two piece of elastic.

  • XS: Elastic: 5″
  • S: Elastic: 6″
  • M: Elastic 7″
  • L: Elastic 8″

6. Place your elastic on the edge and bottom edge of the right side of your mask. Pin in place and stitch the edge with 1/4″ seam allowance, securing the elastic. Repeat on the other side. Turn right side out and press.

7. Create 2-3 1/2″-3/4″ wide pleats, facing down. Pin in place and press. Topstitch along the edge to secure the pleats.

For more detailed mask instructions please visit our instructions here.

Skeleton Buff


  • 0.5m Black Knit Fabric
  • 0.3m White Knit Fabric
  • Heat n Bond Lite Stretch
  • Tracing Paper
  • Tracing Wheel
  1. Using the below size guide cut out your black fabric.
    • Child: 16″ x 19″
    • Adult Small: 18″ x 19 1/2″
    • Adult Large: 19 1/2″ x 20 1/2″

2. Cut a square from the white fabric and Heat n Bond that is large enough for the skeleton pattern. Adhere one side of the Heat n Bond to the white fabric following the instructions on the package.

3. Using the pattern, tracing paper and tracing wheel transfer the skeleton pattern onto the paper of your heat n bond.

4. Cut out your pieces. To keep the smaller pieces together pin before cutting.

5. Place your skeleton pieces in the centre of the buff about 2 inches down from the top and press following the heat n bond directions.

6. Place your buff right sides together and zig-zag stitch or serge. Turn right side out.

Optional: finish edges with a rolled hem.

Find our animal face masks here!

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