Yuletide Botanica: Apron

Pull out the baking ingredients and throw on your Yuletide Botanica Apron! This is a quick and simple project to create for yourself or wrap it up and gift it to the Christmas dinner chef!


  • Yuletide Botanica Apron Panel
  • 2m Gold Trim Double Fold Bias Tape
  • Thread


  1. Prepare your pockets by folding each edge in 1/4″ and pressing. Topstitch the top edge down only.

2. Cover the edges of your apron with the gold double fold bias tape. Sandwich the apron between the bias tape and topstitch down.

3. Prepare your straps by folding the edges in 1/4″ and press. Fold them in again 1/4″ and press, then topstitch the long edges.

4. Place the right side of the strap to the wrong side of the apron and topstitch down. Repeat for the other side and tops.

5. Try the apron on and mark where you want your pockets. Pin in place and topstitch the left, bottom and right pockets.

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