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Fabric Weights are an alternative to using pins when cutting fabrics. There are times when you should consider using weights instead of pins.

  • Chiffon: due to the delicate weight of this material it often shifts and moves when cutting.
  • Stretch fabrics: when you pin stretch fabrics you accidentally stretch the fabric.
  • Leather or Suede: pinning these fabrics will cause pin marks to be left in the fabric.

Pattern weights are also a great option when you want to speed up cutting. It’s a lot easier to plop down some weights and trace around a pattern than it is to pin each corner of a pattern piece. What are some of your tips and tricks for cutting out fabric and patterns?

Fabric Weights

We love the steps that people are taking to become more environmentally friendly! This week we are celebrating Earth Day with easy DIY’s you can make to reduce, reuse and upcycle! These produce bags are a must for everyone! Using our new fruit and vegetable collections you can itemize your produce based on the bags! Stay organized and environmentally friendly.