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Dress up your holiday outfits with handmade jewelry! Jewelry can be an intimidating project to take on if you have never made it before but it opens up the doors for a whole different kind of creativity. Combine sewing with jewelry making to create these elegant chiffon earrings.


  • 0.2m of chiffon
  • Thread
  • Upholstery Thread
  • 3mm crimp bead cover
  • Ear Wire
  • Small Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Serger (optional)


  1. Using the pattern provided trace out and cut the circles from the chiffon.
Step 2

2. Stitch around the circles using a small zigzag stitch or use a narrow hemstitch on a serger. Trim any excess fabric.

Step 3

3. Thread a needle with the upholstery thread with a double layer. You will want enough thread for the length of the earring you desire plus extra for stitching.

Step 4

4. Sew the largest circle onto the thread. Pinch your circle in the centre and create a small stitch to secure.

Step 5

5. Secure 1 crimp bead cover over the circle using pliers.

Step 6

6. Repeat with the medium-sized circle leaving a 1 1/2″ gap between the circles.

Step 7

7. Repeat again with a medium circle.

Step 8

8. Create a new thread and add two medium circles.

Step 9

9. Gather your threads and circle and layout with even spacing.

Step 10

10. Thread through your earring hook and secure with a knot

Step 11

11. Using the pliers pinch the earring hook closed so the thread does not come off.

We are ready for Fall with some of our top fall fashion trends for the season! Expand your wardrobe and be creative with our large selection of Fall fashion fabrics.

Fall Fashion Trends : Plaid


Plaids are going to the flood the stores this fall/winter and you are going to have every colour combination to choose from. Stand out from the crowd by shopping our plaid selection and creating a unique piece for yourself like this skirt from Vogue 1639.


The kiddos are back to school and it is the perfect opportunity to sew some new back to school outfits! Bring them along to the store and let them pick out their own fabric so they can be rocking in their own style! We have so many great patterns for beginners and advanced sewers, there really is no reason not to tackle a back to school project.

M7737 and Shibori Collection Rayon Knits

Tackle an easier project with McCalls 7737 – learn to sew pattern! Knits can be easy to sew with the right supplies! Make sure to change your needle to a stretch needle or jersey needle. A serger can also make this project easier.

McCalls 7376 and Florals First – Cotton

Get them jumping into this jumper with Florals First – Cotton and McCalls7376. They are going to love the ruffle details and the easy of pulling this one on.

Burda 9354 and Denim

The boys need some handmade clothes too! Burda 9354 offers a pair of shorts and two pairs of pants perfect for running around the playground. Match it with some stretch denim so it’s easier to get the grass stains out!

McCalls 7799 and Mia Cotton Prints

Ruffles are on trend for not only adults but for kids too! These shirts are fun and easy to dress up with fabric. The Mia Cotton Prints are light and comfortable for kids to run around in.

Looking for something easy to sew for your little ones? Look no further than Butterick 3860! These are easy to sew and a great staple for their closet. Our Breezy Cotton Slub Coordinates are light and fun for your little ones outfits.

The Livia Rayon Collection offers beautiful prints in a light rayon fabric, matched with a Burda pattern and you have the perfect summer blouse! Sewing with Rayon only requires a few steps to ensure your garment turns out. First, be sure to pre-wash your fabric and dry it. Avoid shifting of fabric when cutting by using weights and a rotary cutter. When sewing use sharp small pins and needles as to only puncture small holes into the fabric. Press your seams gently and on a relatively low heat, high heat can leave marks and cause your fabric to shine. Lastly, because of the nature of rayon, it is best to hang your project before hemming it.

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