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Decorate your door with a beautiful wreath made from our Snow Days quilting collection. These classic prints and Christmas colors make for a beautiful combination and are topped off with a big bow and some jingle bells.


  • 1 Wreath Ring
  • Ribbon or Tulle spools
  • 1.5m of 6 different fabrics from the Snow Days Collection
  • Jingle Bells
  • Thread and Needle
  • Scissors


Christmas Wreath - Step 1
Step 1
  1. Cut strips of fabric 6 1/2″ wide by the length of the fabric, selvedge to selvedge.
Christmas Wreath - Step 2
Step 2

2. Join your strips together by placing the right sides together and stitching with 1/4″ seam allowance.

Christmas Wreath - Step 3
Step 3

3. Tie one of your strips to the wreath holder.

Christmas Wreath - Step 4

4. Push a bunch of your fabric up from the bottom on the left side of the ring and create a tuft. Push a bunch through the middle and create a tuft. Push a bunch through the left and create a tuft.

Christmas Wreath - Step 5
Step 5

5. Repeat with a piece of different colored fabric.

Christmas Wreath - Step 6
Step 6

6. Create a bow from your ribbon by folding and twisting pieces.

Christmas Wreath - Step 7
Step 7

7. Once you are happy with the look cut ends on an angle. Repeat with another colored ribbon.

Christmas Wreath - Step 8
Step 8

8. Hand-stitch your bow onto the bottom of the wreath.

Christmas Wreath - Step 9
Step 9

9. Add the jingle bells and stitch into place.

Christmas is fast approaching and gifts are being wrapped and placed under the tree. With the holidays comes time to socialize with friends and family! Instead of shopping for the perfect gift for your host make it simple and handmade. Create this cute and fun Santa Wine Bottle Holder and place their favourite bottle in the bag. They won’t be stuck with another knick-knack they pull out once a year and you look like a sewing expert!

Santa Wine Bottle Bag

There are so many amazing ways to decorate a Christmas tree for the holidays! The colour combinations have vastly grown and changed from the classic red and green. We couldn’t decide between a modern Blue Christmas or a more traditional Red and Gold tree so we did both! Follow along for some tips and tricks on making the perfect handmade decorations.

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