Pet Calming Bed

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Pet Calming Bed
Pet Calming Bed Materials


  • 1.2m fleece
  • 3lbs of polyester fill
  • 8″ zipper
  • thread


Cut the following pieces from your fleece

  • 1 Rectangle 5″ x 63″
  • 1 Rectangle 20″x63.5″
  • 1 Circle with a 15″ diameter
  • 1 Circle with a 20″ diameter
  1. Fold the 20″x63.5″ rectangle with the short ends right sides together. Stitch with a 1/4″ seam allowance.
Step 2

2. Pin your 5″x63″ rectangle with the right side to the wrong side of the tube you just created. Match ends of the rectangle to the seam of the tube. Baste in place.

3. To attach your 15″ circle to the tube you will need to pleat the tube, where you just basted, to fit the circle. Pin in place and stitch.

4. Place the bottom edge of the right side of the tube to the wrong side of the rectangle and baste.

5. Stitch one side of the zipper to the tube and rectangle that was just basted.

6. Stitch the other side of the zipper to the 20″ circle.

Step 7

7. Stitch the rest of the 20″ circle to the rectangle.

8. Turn right side out and stuff your bed. Because of the construction, of the bed, you can stuff the tube and main bed separately.

Pet Calming Bed

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  1. Ailsa says:

    I’ve just made this for my cat and I can’t wait for her to come back in and test it out! Almost slightly jealous of her haha

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