Tip & Trick: Fabric Weights

Fabric Weights are an alternative to using pins when cutting fabrics. There are times when you should consider using weights instead of pins.

  • Chiffon: due to the delicate weight of this material it often shifts and moves when cutting.
  • Stretch fabrics: when you pin stretch fabrics you accidentally stretch the fabric.
  • Leather or Suede: pinning these fabrics will cause pin marks to be left in the fabric.

Pattern weights are also a great option when you want to speed up cutting. It’s a lot easier to plop down some weights and trace around a pattern than it is to pin each corner of a pattern piece. What are some of your tips and tricks for cutting out fabric and patterns?

Fabric Weights


  • Scrap Fabric: 2 squares measuring 4″ x 4″ for each weight
  • Scrap Ribbon or Fabric: 1.5″ x 3″ for each weight
  • Rice/Barley/Beads etc to fill the weights


Step 1
  1. Fold the small strip right sides together lengthwise and stitch along the long edge with 1/4″ seam allowance.
Step 2

2. Turn right side out and press.

Step 3

3. Place the strip on the right side of one of the squares corners.

Step 4

4. Fold the other end of the strip up to meet the corner. Baste in place.

Step 5

5. Place the other square right sides together and pin in place.

Step 6

6. Stitch fully around 2 sides of the square, stitch around 1 side leaving a 1″ gap in the middle and leave one side unstitched.

Step 7

7. Take the open side and pinch in the middle of each end. Pull outwards causing the two seams to meet in the middle.

Step 8

8. Pin in place and stitch closed with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Step 9

9. Turn your weight right side out through the 1″ gap.

Step 10

10. Fill your bag to the desired weight.

Step 11

11. Slipstitch your opening closed.


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