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You’ve seen it all over Instagram so why not make your own!
This shirred midi dress will meet all your cottagecore fashion needs. Soft and flowy with comfortable shirring against your body, giving you shape and support, you will barely even feel like you’re wearing the rest of the dress. It’s that effortless. 


Are quilting and fashion passions of yours?! If so this is the tutorial for you. This Wyoming Valley patch combines both quilting with fashion in a new fun and inspiring way! This quilted patchwork jean jacket DIY is the perfect chance to breathe new life into your wardrobe!


Some of my favorite times have been spent around the table with my family and friends playing cards. But sometimes little hands can’t quite hold the cards comfortably or you want to be able to play hands free. This DIY helps solves both of those problems. Follow instructions below to learn how to make your own playing card holders.

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