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  • Prym Embroidery Hoop 10″
  • Tailor Yarn Wool Basics – Sesame
  • Tailor Yarn Wool Basics – Orchid

Cutting Instructions

From Sesame:
(38) 2m strands
From Orchid
(42) 2m strands

Hoop Assembly

  1. Remove the outer hoop of the embroidery hoop and set aside

2. Take (1) orchid strand, fold in half to create a loop.

3. Attach the orchid strand to the hoop with a larks head knot.

  • Place the loop behind the embroidery hoop
  • Pull the two ends through the loop
  • Hold Both ends and pull to tighten

4. Repeat with (15) more orchid strands.

5. Take (16) orchid strands and attach to the opposite side of the hoop with a larks head knot.

6. Take (14) sesame strands and attach (7) to either side of the hoop with a larks head knot.

7. Starting with the strand on the bottom left, pull the first strand tight and tie to the opposite side of the hoop.

8. Repeat with the remaining sesame strands on that side. Move on to the sesame strands on the opposite side.

9. Repeat this process with the orchid strands

10. Attach the remaining strands to the bottom of the hoop with a larks head knot. Lay them out as (12) Sesame, (10) Orchid, (12) Sesame.

11. Trim the ends into a “V” shape to finish.


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