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Holiday quilt

This quilt was inspired by your traditional Christmas Sweater and the intricate knitting patterns of snowflakes and winter symbolism they have. We’ve labeled this project as advanced because of the delicate piecing and number of squares involved. This project can easily be adapted to be bigger or smaller.


Country Gnome take me home to the place where Christmas sings! Take home your Country Gnomes and make a quick and simple quilt for the holidays.

Wild Stallion

Check out our alternative to the Country Gnome Quilt with our Wild Stallion option!


Our Cabin Christmas Quilt pattern is a beautiful traditional holiday quilt. Using the Christmas at the Cabin quilting collection we created our snowflake crystal block. This is a Queen sized quilt but can easily be modified for smaller quilts.

Monochromatic Runner

Check out our updated table runner using this block! Details below!