Zip it up and keep it sealed with our zip it pouch! Perfect for headphones, lip balm, coins and whatever else you need to keep safe. Don’t limit yourself to just lips make your own pattern and shape.


  • Scrap fabric
  • 8″ Zipper
  • Thread


  1. Using the pattern provided and removable marker or pencil trace your pattern.

2. Cut out your pattern from the fabric and lining.

3. Place the right side of the zipper onto the right side of the main fabric top lip and stitch.

4. Repeat on the other side with the bottom lip. Be careful not to twist your zipper.

5. Place the lining and main fabric of the top lip right sides together with the zipper sandwiched between and stitch.

6. Repeat on the other side with the bottom lip.

7. Place the back lip onto the font lip right sides together, pin in place.

8. Place the wrong side of the lining onto the wrong side of the back, pin in place.

9. Leave the zipper open and stitch around the whole lip with 1/4″ seam allowance.

10. Clip the seam around the lips and zipper.

11. Flip right side out.

Keep the kids busy with crafts! Cut out the pieces for the fox and panda and have them assemble them. Try creating your own animals also or cut out a bunch of pieces and let them create their own! For more kid-friendly crafts check out our post,


  • Assorted Scrap Felt
  • Felt Glue
  • Optional: Thread and Sewing Machine


*Instructions given are for the fox. The panda is made the same way.*

  1. Using the pattern provided cut out the pieces from scrap felt or fabric.

2. Using felt glue or craft glue, glue the inner ear to the outer ear.

3. Glue the inner eye to the outer eye.

4. Glue the eyes and nose to the face. You can also use googly eyes!

5. Glue the face to one outer corner piece.

6. Glue the ears on top of the other outer corner piece.

7. Glue the edges of the bottom fox, leaving the bottom round edge glueless, attach the top fox.

8. Optional: Stitch around the outer edge with a decorative stitch.

You’ve done it, you’ve finally pieced everything together and are ready to quilt! There are lots of options when it comes to finally quilting your piece. If you don’t have a long arm machine but still want to add detailed quilting to your project you can choose one of these 3 options to get started!

3 Quilting Options
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