Sunglass Case

Protect your sunnies and make a fashionable case to carry them! Show your personality or match it to your bag, all while keeping your sunglasses protected.


  • 0.2m fabric – Watermelon Bliss
  • 0.2m cotton batting
  • Thread


  1. Using the pattern provided cut out 4 pieces from the fabric and 2 from the batting.

2. Place a fabric piece wrong side down on a batting piece. Repeat with a second pair. Baste around the edge. These will be your outer pieces.

3. Place your outer pieces and remaining pieces right sides together and stitch around the curve.

4. Notch the curve and turn right side out. Edgestitch along the curve.

5. Pull your lining and outer pieces out flat on both sides.

6. Place your pieces right sides together matching lining to lining and outer to outer. Pin and sew around your outer pieces, making sure to stop at the stitches where your curve starts.

7. Pin and sew around you lining leaving a 3” opening to pull through.

8. Turn right side out.

9. Edge stitch your opening closed and push your lining inside the front to create your pouch.

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