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This is a great beginner sewing project! With only 2 seams to sew you can get used to working with fashion fabric. Feel free to add some trims to your hem; fringe, lace, scalloped edge etc.


  • Fabric
    • Small: 1.3m
    • Medium: 1.6m
    • Large: 1.8m
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • chalk or fabric pen


**Please note our example is for a size small**

Cut a piece of fabric:
50” x 56” for size Small/Medium
60” x 56” for Medium/Large
70” x 56” for Large/XLarge

  1. Fold your fabric right sides together selvedge to selvedge.

2. Measure 10″ down for the fold and 15″ across. Draw the 15″ line and square down to the selvedge edge. Repeat on the other side.

3. Stitch along these lines and then cut 1/4″ away from your stitch line.

3. Mark the middle of the fold and draw a line all the way down to the selvedge edge. Measure 3″ down and 3″ across on either side of the centerline. Draw a curve connecting the top fold and your two marks, coming to a point at the selvedge edge.

4. Cut out along these lines, on the front side of your fabric only. Don’t cut through both sides of the fabric. Hem your neckline and hem as you desire!

Dress up your holiday outfits with handmade jewelry! Jewelry can be an intimidating project to take on if you have never made it before but it opens up the doors for a whole different kind of creativity. Combine sewing with jewelry making to create these elegant chiffon earrings.

Chiffon Earrings
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