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Keep your pet busy with a snuffle mat! Add some treats to the mat and watch your pet snuffle and hunt for them. Engage their mind and stimulate their brains by having them work for their food. A fun game for them and a great way to burn energy.
*Pets should be supervised while using a snuffle mat*

Pet Snuffle Mat
Fabric Boxes

New year, new you! Stay organized in 2020 with lots of options for keeping your sewing room organized and clean. Choose from our large selection of sewing baskets, cases, bags and organizers to keep your room in order. Create your own fabric baskets to match your space and dedicate them to holding different things! This is a quick project that is also great for using up leftover fabrics.


Don’t forget the place setting while you’re preparing all the dinner fixings. Using the Nordic Forest quilting collection we created this placemat and matching napkin. Quick and easy to make and the perfect addition to any holiday table!

Holiday Place Setting DIY

Dress up your holiday outfits with handmade jewelry! Jewelry can be an intimidating project to take on if you have never made it before but it opens up the doors for a whole different kind of creativity. Combine sewing with jewelry making to create these elegant chiffon earrings.

Chiffon Earrings
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