Upcycle an old backpack with some fun appliques! Let the kids pick out their appliques and use one of our four methods to attach. 


  • Backpack
  • Appliques
  • Heat n Bond Ultra (optional)
  • 606 Adhesive Spray (optional)
  • Embroidery Thread & Needle (optional)


  1. Use heat n bond ultra to create a stronger bond between the applique and backpack. Trace your applique on the heat n bond and cut out. Press your applique to the heat n bond and peel off the paper backing. Cover with a pressing cloth and hold and press for 20 seconds or until adhered.
  2. Use a piece of cardboard or newspaper to protect your work surface. Place your applique face down and spray with 606 Adhesive Spray. Place onto your backpack, cover with a pressing cloth and hold and press for 20 seconds or until adhered.
  3. If your applique has a good border you can embroider it onto the backpack with a blanket stitch.
  4. You can use the natural adhesive from the applique also. On rough or thick fabrics it might not adhere as well.


  • Pin your selvedges together matching stripes. This will ensure that your stripes will match all the way across the fabric and on both sides.
  • Place your pattern pieces on the fabric matching seam lines along the same stripe. Pin in place.
  • Do not cut pieces on the fold. Instead, trace your pattern piece and flip it and trace the other side. Again make sure your seams are along the same stripe.

Don't let sewing with stripes intimidate you! It's not as hard as it looks and with these simple tips you will look like a pro.

Posted by Fabricland Midwest/Pacific on Tuesday, August 13, 2019
DIY Laundry Bag

Back to school is sneaking upon us! Some kids are entering University and might be heading off to dormitories. We can only hope they will do their laundry at least once a month and not drag it home every holiday for mom to do. Create this simple and cute laundry bag for them to set-up in their new home and cross-your fingers it gets emptied!


The kiddos are back to school and it is the perfect opportunity to sew some new back to school outfits! Bring them along to the store and let them pick out their own fabric so they can be rocking in their own style! We have so many great patterns for beginners and advanced sewers, there really is no reason not to tackle a back to school project.

M7737 and Shibori Collection Rayon Knits

Tackle an easier project with McCalls 7737 – learn to sew pattern! Knits can be easy to sew with the right supplies! Make sure to change your needle to a stretch needle or jersey needle. A serger can also make this project easier.

McCalls 7376 and Florals First – Cotton

Get them jumping into this jumper with Florals First – Cotton and McCalls7376. They are going to love the ruffle details and the easy of pulling this one on.

Burda 9354 and Denim

The boys need some handmade clothes too! Burda 9354 offers a pair of shorts and two pairs of pants perfect for running around the playground. Match it with some stretch denim so it’s easier to get the grass stains out!

McCalls 7799 and Mia Cotton Prints

Ruffles are on trend for not only adults but for kids too! These shirts are fun and easy to dress up with fabric. The Mia Cotton Prints are light and comfortable for kids to run around in.

Looking for something easy to sew for your little ones? Look no further than Butterick 3860! These are easy to sew and a great staple for their closet. Our Breezy Cotton Slub Coordinates are light and fun for your little ones outfits.

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