Double Hoop Embroidery

Have you been admiring these double embroidery hoops as much as we have? Have you been wondering how on earth the embroiderer did that? Well now you can learn how! And it’s much easier than you think! Follow the Instructions below to learn how.


  • Quilting Cotton – Solid Colour – 0.5m
  • Embroidery hoop – 25cm
  • Embroidery hoop – 13cm
  • Embroidery Floss
    • 6211
    • 6205
    • 6238
    • 6030
  • Beacon Glue


1. Using the larger of the two hoops, place the inner hoop on a hard surface.
Place your fabric over top of the hoop and press the outer hoop over the fabric and inner hoop. Tighten screw as needed.

2. Place the second, smaller inner hoop on top of the fabric. Slide the outer hoop underneath and line up until both hoops meet in the center of the fabric. Press firmly and evenly on the inner hoop, Tighten the screw as needed. Pulling evenly on all sides, straightening the fabric in the hoop.

3. Using the provided pattern, trace the design onto the large outer circle of fabric.

4. Use a stem stitch to complete all the vines, in shade 6211.

5. Use a fishbone stitch to complete all the leaves, following the colour indicators provided on the pattern.

6. Once design is complete tie off and tidy up your backstitches. Trim excess fabric from the outside hoop, leaving 1/2″ all around.

7. Make a cut in the center of your fabric, trim to 1″ and snip in towards to hoop.

8. Pull sniped fabric back and glue to the inside of the hoop

9. Fold the excess fabric from the outer hoop backward, and glue to the inside of the hoop.

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