Tip & Trick: Quilting Options

3 Quilting Options

You’ve done it, you’ve finally pieced everything together and are ready to quilt! There are lots of options when it comes to finally quilting your piece. If you don’t have a long arm machine but still want to add detailed quilting to your project you can choose one of these 3 options to get started!

3 Quilting Options

Option 1

Using a quilting stencil and a wash-away marker or pencil you can draw the pattern onto the quilt. Plan ahead which direction you will want the stencil to go in and if you will be using it strictly as a border or as an allover pattern. Use a free motion foot or walking foot on your machine. Make sure to test your marking tool on scrap fabric before beginning.

Quilting Stencil

Option 2

Using wash away paper, trace your design onto the paper and pin it to your project. Use a free motion foot or walking foot on your machine. Stitch directly onto the wash away paper following your design. You can peel away large pieces of the wash away paper and then wash your project to get rid of the remaining pieces.

Wash Away

Option 3

Using Unique vinyl stencil sheet you can draw and cut out your own stencils. We created two different stencils and traced them onto the sheet. Using Odif 404 we sprayed the back of the stencil and then stuck it to our project so it would not move while sewing. Using a free motion or walking foot stitch around the stencil. Pull the stencil off your project. If you stitched over your stencil gently pull to remove it from your project.

Custom Quilting Stencil


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