DIY Bulletin Board

Covered Bulletin Board DIY

Decorate your dorm with a covered bulletin board! Pick out a fabric that suits your style and adds something fun to your new dorm room. This is a super quick and easy project that anyone can do.

DIY - Bulletin Board
DIY Bulletin Board Materials


  • Bulletin Board
  • Fabric to cover the size of your bulletin board
  • 7/16″ Decorative Nails (we used 2 packages)
  • 303 Spray and Fix – Permanent Craft Adhesive
  • Home Decor Staple Gun


Step 1
  1. Spray the 303 Permanent Craft Adhesive on the front of your bulletin board. Place the fabric on top leaving excess around all the edges. Smooth out with your hand or a credit card.

2. Fold your edges over to the backside of the bulletin board and apply more adhesive spray. Fold your corners in and pull tight.

Step 3

3. Staple corners and around the edges to secure

4. Push the decorative nails in around the edges of the board

DIY Bulletin Board
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