Hand Towel


  • 0.5m Quilting Cotton
  • 0.5m Terry Cloth
  • Scrap quilt batting
  • Button



  1. Place one fabric piece wrong side together with 1 batting piece and quilt as desired.

2. Place your second fabric piece right side together with your quilted piece and stitch around with 3/8″ seam allowance. Leave the bottom of your piece unstitched. Clip and turn right side out.

3. Press the bottom under 1/4″

4. Cut your terry cloth to 18″ x 25″ Create pleats with your terry cloth so that it will fit into the bottom of your fabric piece. Baste to secure.

5. Place your terry cloth into the bottom of your fabric piece, secure with pins and topstitch.

6. Mark your buttonhole on the right side of the quilted piece across the strap and complete.

7. Fold your top over to the wrong side and mark button placement. Stitch button onto the unquilted side of the tab.

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