Holiday Heartland: Advent Calendar

We are in love with this Advent Calendar from the Holiday Heartland quilting collection. With stunning colors and designs this advent calendar is perfect to hang for the holidays. It even has pleated pockets so you can fit little treats or toys in them!


Fabric A

Quilts Hanging on a Line – 0.3m

Fabric B

Trucks Allover – 0.3m

Fabric C

Trees Tonal Tossed Red – 0.2m

Fabric D

Trees Tonal Tossed Gray – 0.2m

Fabric E

Set Trees on White – 0.2m

Fabric F

Monotone Quilted Pattern – 0.3m


Fabric G

Barns Red – 1.4m


*You will need the Holiday Heartland Advent Calendar.*

Cutting Instructions

Please note: All strips are cut across the width of fabric (WOF) from selvedge to selvedge unless otherwise noted.

From Fabric A cut:
(2) 4 1/2″xWOF strips. Sub cut (2) 25 1/2″

From Fabric B cut:
(2) 4 1/2″xWOF strips. Sub cut (2) 35 1/2″

From Fabric C & E cut:
(2) 3 1/2″xWOF strips. Sub cut (12) 3 1/2″

From Fabric D cut:
(1) 3 1/2″xWOF strips. Sub cut (10) 3 1/2″

Prairie Point Assembly

To create your prairie points we will be using the 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ squares. Fold your bottom right corner to your top left corner, wrong sides together and press. Fold the bottom corner up to the top right corner, right sides together and press. This will create a triangle that only shows the right sides of the fabric and matches up the raw edges.

Sewing Instructions

Place your prairie point in alternating order around the border of the panel. You will want to place it so the raw edges of the points are matched with the raw edges of the panel and the points are pointing inwards. Pin and baste your points down.

Stitch your column pieces right sides together with your quilt. Press the seam so the prairie points are now pointing outwards. Attach the top and bottom row and press so the prairie points are pointing outwards.

Quilt as desired. Make sure you don’t quilt over the prairie points, you want them to be loose.

Attaching Pockets

Following the directions on the panel we will prepare our 3 rows of pockets. Begin by folding your top seam under 1/4″ and topstitching down. Now create box pleats for each pocket. Fold the red line of the border to meet the closest dotted line and press. Repeat for all the pockets.

Fold the sides and bottom under 1/4″ and press. Place the pocket row on your panel matching lines and pin in place. Topstitch the side and bottom of your pocket. Stitch down the dotted lines in between the pockets. Repeat with the other two rows.

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