Tip & Trick: Buttons and Buttonholes

Tips & Tricks

  • Any machine that sews a zigzag stitch can do a buttonhole
  • A basic buttonhole consists of two sides and 2 ends, a rectangle
  • Before sewing a buttonhole always do a test buttonhole on the same fabric. This will ensure you have the right tension and stitch length before you do it on the actual garment
  • Make sure your buttonholes are equally spaced
  • Always be careful not to cut the thread when cutting your buttonhole open
  • Use interfacing for added reinforcement for the buttonhole and buttons



*Always refer to your machine manual for sewing buttonholes. Every machine is different and might require different steps.*

  1. Mark the top and bottom of the button on the fabric. Add 1/8″ for ease. Draw a line down from the top to the ease line. This will be your line for sewing.

2. Line up your drawn line with the dot at the bottom of your buttonhole foot. Adjust your slider until it reaches the top line. This is where your buttonhole will start. This length will determine the length of your buttonhole.

**Some machines may have a buttonhole foot that requires you to but the button in the back to determine the length. If you have this foot you can ignore this step.**

3. Set your stitch length an tension. We set our machine to our buttonhole option. You may need to adjust your tension after doing your practice buttonhole.

4. Attach your foot to your machine and line-up with your markings. Stitch as per the instructions in your machine manual.

5. Snip away any loose threads. Insert a pin at the top of your buttonhole. Pierce through the bottom of your buttonhole moving up until you meet the pin. Be very carfeul not to cut through your threads.


  1. Attach your button foot and place your button on your fabric where you want it to be finished.

2. Set your machine to a zigzag stitch and slowly turn the wheel to see if you have the correct stitch width. Set your stitch length to 0. Start with the two back button holes and then the front buttons.

3. Pull your threads and sew 10 stitches. If you are doing a 2 hole button you are done, if you are doing a 4 hole button lift your foot and reposition for the remaining holes.

4. Pull your threads to the back, tie and trim away your excess thread.


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