Sofa Caddy

Father’s Day is sneaking up on us and the best gifts are handmade! Make dad a handy sofa caddy so he can store the remotes and his magazines. Make it match to the room or dress it up with some prints that remind you of dad.


  • 0.5m denim
  • 0.2m cotton
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Optional: Bias Tape Maker


  1. Cut out the following from your fabric
    • 17″ x 35″ denim for the main piece
    • 19″ x 6″ denim for the remote pocket
    • 17.5″ x 8″ denim for the magazine pocket

2. Create bias binding from fabric or purchase pre-made bias binding. We cut our strips 1″ wide for a finished binding width of 1/4″

3. Sew your bias binding to the top of both pocket pieces.

4. Place the remote pocket wrong side to the right side of the magazine pocket. Pin the pocket in place at both sides, smoothing the bottom edge towards the outside. Pin straight up the middle of your remote pocket splitting it in two. Measure 5″ from either side of the middle and split the bulk of each side pocket between this mark. Pinup from the 5″ marks to split the front pockets into four similar pockets.

5. Stitch up each line and the side edges to create the four pockets.

6. Place your pocket piece on top of the main piece and pin in place along the edges and up the middle. Your remote pocket piece will be slightly larger than the main piece.

7. Baste your pieces together around the edges and up the middle. You will need to ease in the excess fabric of the remote pocket when you stitch the bottom.

8. Sew your bias tape around the whole rectangle.

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