Bike Bag

Pack up the bike bag and hit the road! This is a great size bag to store water, snacks, a rain jacket and whatever else you might need on your adventure!


  • 0.8m Panama Cotton Canvas Prints
  • 1.2m Craft Stabilizer – Heavy Weight Fusible
  • 0.8m Quiltland Cotton – Spot Blender
  • 0.3m Webbing 1″
  • 0.3m Hook and Loop Tape 1″
  • 0.3m Elastic 1/2″

Printable Instructions

Cutting Instructions

From Canvas Print, Cotton & Fusible cut:
Front/Back: (2) 11″ x 9″ rectangles
Sides: (2) 7″ x 9″ rectangles
Bottom: (1) 11″ x 7″ rectangle
Flap (1) 11″ x 171/2” rectangle

From Canvas Print & Cotton cut:
Pockets: (2) 11″ x 6 1/2” rectangles

From Webbing cut:
(2) 6″ strips

From Hook and Loop tape cut:
(1) 4″ strip
(2) 2″ strips

Bag Assembly

  1. Attach all fusible pieces to wrong side of all matching canvas pieces.

2. Place (1) canvas pocket right sides together with (1) cotton pocket. Sew across 14″ side. Fold over to conceal seam allowance and press. Measure down 1/2″ from the fold and stitch across creating a channel.

3. Cut (1) 7″ strip of elastic and thread through the channel. Baste either side of elastic to secure. Repeat steps 2 & 3 with remaining pocket pieces.

4. Place (1) pocket on the right side of (1) canvas side. Pleating bottom edges to fit. Baste around sides and bottom to secure. Repeat with 2nd pocket and side.

5. Sew canvas (1) side > bottom > (1) side, right sides together. Make sure the bottom of the pocket lines up to the bottom panel. Repeat for cotton pieces.

6. Attach (1) back to sides and bottom. Repeat for cotton pieces.

7. Attach (1) front to sides and bottom. Turn right way out. Repeat for cotton pieces.

8. Place (1) cotton flap right sides together with (1) canvas flap. Mark the top corners in and down 3″, mark diagonally in 1″ and trim to make a curve.

9. Sew sides and top together, leave 1 end open. Turn right way out and press. Top stitch around.

10. Line up and sew flap, right sides together with canvas bag.

11. Position (1) hook & loop tape in the middle of the flap, close to the bottom, stitch in place.

12. Position (1) hook & loop tape in the middle of the front, close to the bottom. Fold flap over to make sure the hook & loop tape will line up. Stitch in place.

13. Sew (1) hook to the end of (1) webbing strips. Sew (1) loop on the opposite side of the other end. Repeat for second webbing strip.

14. On the back measure 2″ in and 1 1/2” down. Mark and place the middle of (1) strap on the mark. Sew with an ‘X’ box to secure. Repeat for the second strap.

15. Fold the top of the canvas bag down 1/2″, press and baste. For the back edge you will be folding down the seam allowance from joining the flap. Make sure the flap is up and not sewn across.

16. With the cotton bag facing wrong side out, fold the top down 1/2″ to the outside of the bag, press and baste.

17. Place cotton bag inside canvas bag, wrong sides together. Pin in place and stitch around to secure. Make sure the flap is up and not sewn across.

18. Use the straps to attach the bag to the handle bars of your bike.


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