Camera Strap

Celebrate Leather-craft Day with this beautiful camera strap DIY! Use our leather trim pieces, lace trim and suede to create this and add a little personality to your camera accessory.


  • 1m of 1/2″ wide trim
  • 0.2m of suede fabric for the backing
  • Heat n Bond Ultrahold
  • 2 swivel hooks
  • Leather trim piece
  • Needle & Thread


1.Using the pattern provided cut out 2 strap holders from your leather.

2. If your leather is thick use a leather punch to punch holes equally around the outside of the holders

3. From your backing fabric cut a 39 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ rectangle.

4. Use the Heat n Bond to secure your trim to the backing strip.

5. Fold your strap holder’s over and slip into the swivel hook’s

6. Fold your strap holder over to cover the end of your strap, use the leather punch to punch through the strap so you can thread straight through from front to back.

7. Using the holes you punched in the leather, hand stitch the holder into place to secure.

8. Use the leather punch to punch through from front to back along the top of the tab. This will give extra stability. Now finish threading through and tie off

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