Car Cover

Protect your car from the mess of dog hair and dirt with a car cover for your back seats. This is quick and easy project that can be made with an assortment of different fabrics to keep your car seats safe from unwanted mess. Click here for our DIY Pet Calming Bed!



  • Fabric A: Quiltland Cottons Furry Friends – Dog Silhouette – 3m
  • Fabric B: Quiltland Cottons Furry Friends – Paw Toss – 0.5m
  • Fabric C: Clear Vinyl – 55″ wide – 1.5m
  • Hook and Loop tape 3/4″ wide – 0.4m
  • Parachute Clips – 4
  • Strap Webbing 1/2″ wide – 3.3m
  • Closed End Zipper – 18″
  • ODIF 505 spray

Cutting Instructions

Please note: All strips are cut across the width of fabric (WOF) from selvedge to selvedge unless otherwise noted.

From Fabric A cut:
A1 – (1) 40″ x 59″ rectangle
A2 – (1) 15 1/2″ x 59″ rectangle

From Fabric B cut:
(7) 2 1/2″ x WOF strips

From Vinyl cut:
(1) 55″ x 59″ rectangle

From Hook and Loop Tape cut:
(2) 8″ strips

From Strap Webbing cut:
(4) 23 1/2″ strips
(4) 8″ strips

Car Cover Assembly

Sew A1 and A2 rectangles together to make (1) 55″ x 59″ rectangle.

Using ODIF 505 spray, attach the wrong side of Fabric A to the vinyl. You will need to let this dry before proceeding to the next step.

With fabric side up measure down 20″ from the 55″ side and mark.

Measure 17″ in from your 59″ side and mark, repeat at the opposite corner.

Pin the hook side tape to your cover. Matching the top corner to the marks and placing the ends towards the middle. Stitch around both hook tape strips to secure.

Line your loop side tape up 3/8″ above your hook tape, stitch around as shown.

Turn so the vinyl side is up and carefully cut along the gap between the sewing line of the hook and loop tape. These openings will allow you access to your seatbelt latches when needed.

Working on the opposite end from your seatbelt openings, measure 27 1/2″ into the middle and mark. Draw down 18″ and cut along the line. At the end of the line snip out 1/4″ at a 45 degree angle.

Join (7) Fabric B 2 1/2″ x WOF strips together and press to make binding.

Bind around your cover, including up and down the 18″ opening.

With A side facing up place the zipper underneath and line up with the 18″ opening. Topstitch in place. This zip will allow easier access to the backseat of the car once the cover is in place.

Take (1) 8″ strap webbing and slip one end through one side of (1) parachute clip, fold end over and stitch to secure. Repeat for a total of (4)

Take (1) 23 1/2″ strap webbing and slip one end through the opposite clip of (1) parachute clip, fold end over and back though the clip. Repeat for a total of (4)

With A side facing up measure in 10″ on the 55″ side and down 1″. Attach (1) 8″ strap with an X box. Repeat for the opposite corner.

Measure in 19 1/2″ and down 1″, attach (1) 23 1/2″ strap with an X box, repeat for the opposite corner.

Repeat the above step until the top and bottom of the cover have (2) of each straps attached. These straps will clip around the headrests of the car to keep the cover in place.


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