Valentines Gnome


  • Fabric A – Gnomie Love – Valentines Words – Pink – 0.2m
  • Scrap Fabric – White or Beige – Scrap
  • Faux Fur – White – 0.2m
  • Light Weight Felt – Red – 1 sheet
  • Medium Weight Felt – Pink – 0.2m
  • Poly-Pellets – 2lbs – 1 bag
  • Fibre Fill – 1lbs – 1 bag

Free Pattern

Cutting Instructions

From Fabric A:
(2) Body on fold
(2) Legs
(1) Bottom
(2) 4″ x 4″ squares

From Scrap Fabric:
(1) Nose

From Faux Fur:
(1) Gnome Beard

From Medium Weight Felt – Red:
(1) Heart

From Medium Weight Felt – Pink:
(4) Boots
(2) Hat on fold

Gnome Assembly

Seam Allowance – 1/4″

1. Place (2) Body right sides together and sew down either side.

2. Fold (1) Leg right sides together and sew down the long edge. Turn right way out. Repeat for 2nd Leg.

3. Place (2) legs inside the the body. Lining the ends up with the bottom of the body and pin in place.

4. Pin Bottom to Body, right sides together, stitch to secure. Turn Body right way out.

5. Take (2) 4″ x 4″ squares and sew around 3 sides. Fill bag with poly-pellets and sew across the top to secure.

6. Insert the poly-pellet bag into the Body and stuff with Fibre Fill. Using a hand needle and thread, gather the top of the body. Stitch closed.

7. Place (2) boots right side together and stitch around, leaving the top open. Turn right way out. Repeat for remaining (2) boots.

8. Stuff both legs with Fibre Fill or poly-pellets . Stitch opening shut. Slip boot over leg and glue in place, if needed boots can be lightly stuffed with Fibre Fill.

9. Using a hand needle and thread, gather the outside edge of the nose. Pull in and stuff with Fibre Fill, stitch closed.

10. Fold Hat right sides together and stitch down long side to secure. Trim point and turn right way out.

11. Line Gnome beard up with Body, pin in place.

12. Pin Nose in the center of the top of the beard, place hat on top. Adjust placement until happy.

13. Once placement has been finalized, glue pieces in place.

14. Glue Heart to the hat.

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