Frosty the Doorman


  • Vienna Velvet – Swan Lake – White – 0.6m
  • Fleece – Black – 0.2m
  • Heavy Weight Felt – Black – 0.2m
  • Heavy Weight Felt – Red – 0.2m
  • Scrap Fabric
  • Fiber Fill – 1lb bag – 2 bags
  • Poly Pellets – 1 bag
  • Embroidery Thread – Black
  • Grosgrain Ribbon – 1m
  • 1/4″ Gold Ribbon – 0.5m
  • Beacon 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue – 1 bottle

Free Pattern

Cutting Instructions

From Swan Lake Swirl:
(1) Snowman Head
(1) Snowman Head Base
(1) Snowman Body
(1) Snowman Body Base
(2) 4″ x 5″ rectangles

From Heavy Weight Felt – Black:
(1) Hat Base
(1) Hat Top
(1) 7 1/2” x 5 1/2” rectangle

From Heavy Weight Felt – Red:
(1) Present Box

From Fleece:
(1) Nose

From Scrap Fabric:
(2)8″ x 8″ squares

Snowman Assembly

Seam Allowance 1/2″

  1. Take (2) 8″ x 8″ scrap cotton squares and sew around 3 sides. Fill bag with poly pellets and sew across the top to secure.

*If your door is heavier add weights into the bag.

2. Fold (1) snowman body right sides together and stitch to secure. Repeat with (1) snowman head.

3. Place (1) snowman body right sides together with (1) snowman body base and stitch to secure.

4. Place (1) snowman head wrong side to right side with (1) snowman head base and stitch to secure.

5. Insert the snowman head inside the snowman body, right sides together. Stitch around to secure, leaving a 2″ gap.

6. Turn snowman right way out through the gap. Insert the weight bag into the body and stuff with fiber fill. Slipstitch gap closed. Stuff the head with fibre fill.

6. Using a hand needle and thread, gather (1) nose and stuff with fiber fill. Stitch closed and secure to the snowman head.

7. Embroider eyes above the nose and a mouth below.

8. Using a hand needle and thread, gather the top of the head. Stitch closed.

9. Fold (1) 4″ x 5″ rectangle right side together and stitch down the length. With the seam in the middle sew across the bottom edge. Turn right way out and stuff with fiber fill. Repeat for 2nd arm.

10. Tuck in the open ends of the arms and either topstitch or slipstitch closed.

11. Fold the present box along the dotted lines and glue together to create a box.

12. Glue 1/4″ Gold Ribbon around the box in the style of a wrapped present

13. Glue the arms to either side of the box

14. Slipstitch or glue the arms to the snowman’s body

15. Wrap the 7 1/2” x 5 1/2” heavy weight felt rectangle into a tube and glue in place.

16. Glue the tube to the hat base, then glue the hat top to the opposite side of the tube.

17. Glue or slipstitch the hat over the top of the closed gathering on top of the snowman’s head.

18. Tie grosgrain ribbon around the snowman’s neck. Pulling tight to make a big jolly head and big fluffy belly.


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