Kids Tie-Dye Pants

Did you try our tie-dye tutorial and now are looking for something to make with your freshly dyed fabric? These kids’ pants are fun and perfect for summer. Use nice light cotton to dye and make some stylish pants for your little one.

Check out our Tie-Dye tutorial here


  • Fabric
  • Elastic
  • Thread

Finished Waist Sizes

Small- 22″
Medium- 24″
Large- 26″


  1. Using the pattern provided cut out two pant legs.

2. Place inseams right sides together for each leg. Stitch with 1/4″ and press.

3. Turn hem up 1” and stitch around

4. Turn legs right way out and fold hem up ½” and press. This will create a cuffed hem.

5. Tack at the inseam to secure fold

6. Place the curve of the pant legs right sides together and stitch from front to back.

7. Measure the trousers waist and cut a piece of elastic 2” shorter.

8. Overlap the ends of the elastics and stitch with a zig-zag.

9. Using the waist measurement to create your waistband. The length will be your waist measurement + ½”. The width will be 2 1/2″.

10. We made the S size so our waste band was 22 ½” x 2 ½”. Sew ends of the waistband together right sides together to make a loop.

11. Place waistband right sides together with trousers and stitch around. Fold the top of the waistband down 1/4″ and press.

12. Place your elastic inside your waistband and fold it down over the elastic. Pin in place making sure the fabric overlaps the seam.

13. Edgestitch around the waistband, making sure you are catching the back of the band.

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