Paper Dolls

Keep the kids busy and let their creativity flow with paper dolls! Use our print-out cut-outs or make your own. Gather up some scrap fabric and anything else they can use to decorate their fashion line. There are three options when it comes to attaching the fabric to the dolls; velcro, tape, and glue.


  • Paper Templates
  • Scrap Fabric
  • Scrap Ribbon, trim, buttons, etc.
  • Velcro or tape or glue (craft or hot glue)


  1. Cut out your paper templates. Decide on the method you wish to use to attach fabric; velcro, tape or glue. If you are doing this with young kids use craft glue or fabric glue.

Velcro: attach one side to the paper doll and the other side to fabric. This will allow them to interchange outfits.

Tape: roll tape and attach to the deal. Stick fabric to the doll. You can use double sided tape also.

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