Picnic Blanket Handle

Don’t fumble around with a big bulky blanket, wrap it up and secure it with this picnic blanket handle! Add rivets or shanks to dress it up and play with different metals and trims to get the right style for your look.


  • 1.6m leather trim
  • 2 Adjusting Buckles 1″
  • 2 eyelets (optional)


  1. Cut three pieces of leather strapping 20″ long

2. Thread the end of one piece through the buckle

3. Stitch down. Repeat with one more piece

4. Cut the other end into a point and topstitch down

5. Thread through the buckle

6. Mark on the strap where you want the eyelet to go. These are solely for aesthetics and are optional

7. Attach eyelet

8. Fit the previous made pieces onto the handle to measure how much to fold under, stitch down. Repeat on the other side

9. Thread the outer circles to the handle and attach your blanket!

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