Fashion Hair Fascinator

Hair Fascinator

January 15th is national hat day and we are celebrating with a DIY hair fascinator. A fascinator can be a hat, right? Play with different colours, trims and beads to create your fascinator for any occasion.

Fashion Hair Fascinator


  • 0.7m of 3″ wide scallop-edged lace
  • 0.3m of netting
  • 1 felt square
  • Beads
  • Hair Comb
  • Needle & Thread


Step 1
Step 1
  1. If your lace is a width larger than 3″ trim it to be 3″ wide

2. Gather and pleat your lace trim into a circle and secure with a pin

Step 3
Step 3

3. Hand sew the lace together and secure it with a knot.

4. Thread some beads onto your thread and secure it into the centre of your lace.

Step 5

5. Draw a circle onto your felt with a 1.5″ diameter and cut it out.

6. Place the felt circle onto the back of your lace and hand sew into place.

7. Gather the edge of your netting and secure it into place onto the back of your lace. Fold over the other edge to create a pouf and sew to the back of the lace.

8. Place the hair comb onto the back of your fascinator and hand stitch into place.

Fashion Hair Fascinator

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