Christmas Tree Decorating: Modern & Traditional

There are so many amazing ways to decorate a Christmas tree for the holidays! The colour combinations have vastly grown and changed from the classic red and green. We couldn’t decide between a modern Blue Christmas or a more traditional Red and Gold tree so we did both! Follow along for some tips and tricks on making the perfect handmade decorations.

Modern Blue Christmas

Modern Day Christmas Tree

To create the garland we used Pearl Glitter Mesh and cut it into strips in blue and white. Strips where roughly 3m wide.


We created the bows using Holiday Organza Foil. We cut 3 inches strips and cut it in half. Fold the strip in half.


Take the middle fold down to the ends.

Pinch together and hand stitch the layers together. Alternatively, you can use a twist tie.

To create the tulle tree skirt we essentially make a no-sew tutu. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around the base of your tree.

Cut 2-inch strips of tulle in two colours and bundle 3 layers together.

Create a slip knot with the strips of tulles.

Place the knot on the ribbon and pull tight.

Repeat until you have a full skirt.

Traditional Christmas

Traditional Christmas Tree

We used ribbon this time for our garland in two different colours, red and gold.

Place the ribbon around the tree in alternating layers. If you have a fake tree fold the ends of the branches over the ribbon to hold into place.

Layer fabric, burlap and ribbon together and tie with a bow to create a big bow.

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