Country Christmas: Tree Skirt

Get into the swing of the Holidays with a custom made tree skirt. This a beautiful and simple tree skirt that can be made with any fabric to match your Christmas theme. A great project for the beginner or someone who wants a quick project.


Fabric A

Barnboard Cranberry 1.2m

Fabric B

Plaid Cranberry 1.3m

You will need 4m of braided cord or a similar trim for this project.

Cutting Instructions

From Fabric A Cut:
(1) 43″ x 43″ rectangle

From Fabric B cut:
(8) 6″ x WOF strips. Sub cut:
Stitch together to create a 6″ x 352″ rectangle

Tree Skirt Assembly

  1. Using (1) A fold your fabric in half right sides together selvedge to selvedge. Then fold it together again wrong sides together lengthwise. This will give you a corner with 2 folded sides.

2. From the top corner of the folds measure down 2 1/2″. Measure across, and diagonally 2 1/2″. Connect those lines to make a quarter of a circle.

Using the same method, measure out the length of your skirt. We measured from our top corner to our edge = 211/2″. Cut out your skirt following both
these lines.

3. Draw a line straight down the back of your skirt and cut up. Fold straight edges back 1/4″ and topstitch.

4. Hem 1 edge of (1) B. Place the unhemmed edge of (1) B wrong side to right side with (1) A. Pleat or gather your strip around the entire outer edge of (1) A. Stitch in place to secure.

5. Place your edging over your seam connecting B to A. Leave a 5″ tail at either end to tie your skirt closed. Topstitch in place. Repeat for the top circle.

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