DIY of the month: Duffle Bag

Kick-off your New Year’s resolution with a brand new duffle bag. Making a New Year’s Resolution creates a goal to work towards throughout the year and help you to focus on something. This project is the perfect combination of our two resolutions, stay healthy and sew more!

Use the pattern pieces provided and get working on your very own duffle bag. Share with us on social media #fabriclandsewnshare

January - DIY of the month - Duffle Bag


  • Main fabric: 1.5m
  • Lining: 1.5m
  • 2x D rings
  • Adjustable Buckle
  • 2x Swivel Hook
  • 9″ zipper for pocket
  • 22″ zipper for bag
  • 1.6m Piping/cording



Duffle Bag - Step 1
Step 1
  1. Cut 1 rectangle in Main Fabric and Lining: 21.5″ x 30.5″
    Cut 1 rectangle in Lining: 9.5″ x 18″
    Cut 1 strip in Lining 4″ x 156″ (This can be done in several smaller length strips)
    Cut 2 “END OF BAG” circles in main fabric and Lining using the supplied pattern piece
    Cut 1 “END POCKET” piece in main fabric using the supplied pattern piece
    Cut 1 “END POCKET LINING” piece in lining using the supplied pattern piece


Duffle Bag - Step 2
Step 2

2. Fold the long strip in half lengthwise and press.

Duffle Bag - Step 3
Step 3

3. Open fabric and press edges to the centre crease you just made.

Duffle Bag - Step 4
Step 4

4. Fold edges together and press again.

Duffle Bag - Step 5
Step 5

5. Edgestitch along the open edge of the strip.

Step 6
Duffle Bag – Step 6

6. Cut your strip as followed:
-2 pieces 44″ long (Bag handles)
-2 pieces 4″ long (D-Ring loops)
You will be left with a 60″ strip (Bag strap)

Side Pocket

Duffle Bag - Step 7
Step 7

7. Measure down 2 1/4″ from the top of one “END OF BAG” circle piece in main fabric and draw a 2″ line.

Duffle Bag - Step 8
Step 8

8. Using your 4″ strip fold 1″ up and then fold remaining length over to create a tab. Slide on D-ring.

Duffle Bag - Step 9
Step 9

9. Place tab on 2″ line and sew to panel with an ‘X’ box. Repeat for the second circle and 4″ strip.

Duffle Bag - Step 10
Step 10

10. Place the “END POCKET” main piece and “END POCKET LINING” pieces right sides together, stitch across the straight edge. Press seam towards lining and edgestitch.

Duffle Bag - Step 11
Step 11

11. Line up the bottom curve of the pieces to create a 1″ facing on the lining side, press.

Duffle Bag - Step 12
Step 12

12. Place the pocket on top of the “END OF BAG” piece, matching up the bottom seams, and baste together.

Lining Pocket

Duffle Bag - Step 13
Step 13

13. On the lining rectangle measure down 5 1/4″ from the 21 1/2″ side and draw a line 9″ long.

Duffle Bag - Step 14
Step 14

14. Sew your zipper in as a welt zipper pocket.
*Visit our blog for tips on welt zipper pockets:

Duffle Bag - Step 15
Step 15

15. Attach the pocket lining to the zipper pocket.

Duffle Bag - Step 16
Step 16


16. Fold each 21 1/2″ end down 1/2″ and press.

Duffle Bag - Step 17
Step 17

17. Attach “END OF BAG” lining circle pieces on the sides of your lining main piece leaving a 1/2″ gap at the top of the circles for the zipper. Set aside.

Bag Handles

Duffle Bag - Step 18
Step 18

18. Fold the short ends of the main large rectangle together to mark the middle. On the short ends measure down 4 1/4″ and draw a line. Measure in 6 1/4″ from the sides and mark on all three lines.

Duffle Bag - Step 19
Step 19

19. Place one of the 44″ strips along the 6 1/4″ marks of the main large rectangle. Extend the ends of the strip 1″ past the middle line.

Duffle Bag - Step 20
Step 20

20. Topstitch the strap on both sides from the 4 1/4″ line to the end.

Duffle Bag - Step 21
Step 21

21. With your second 44″ strip, fold the ends over 1″ and place on top of the strip already sewn down to cover the raw edge.

Duffle Bag - Step 22
Step 22

22. Make sure this strip is also lined up with the 6 1/4″ marks. Topstitch the strip on both sides from the 4 1/4″ line to the end.

Duffle Bag - Step 23
Duffle Bag – Step 23

23. Sew an ‘X’ on the strips at the 4 1/4″ lines and sew an ‘X’ on the strips at the middle of the bag where the straps overlap.


Duffle Bag - Step 24
Step 24

24. Place the wrong side of the zipper onto the right side of the short edge of the main large rectangle and stitch. Repeat on the other side, ensuring the zipper isn’t twisted.

Duffle Bag - Step 25
Step 25

25. Pin the piping/cording around the “END OF BAG” circles overlapping the ends. Baste in place.

Duffle Bag - Step 26
Step 26

26. Attach your “END OF BAG” circle to the main rectangle piece, placing right sides together and stitching around the circle.


Duffle Bag - Step 27
Step 27

27. Place the lining into the main bag, placing wrong sides together. Pin the pressed edge of the lining to the zipper and topstitch to secure the lining to the bag.

Duffle Bag - Step 28
Step 28

28. Attach your 60″ strip to the Adjustable Buckle and Swivel Hooks by folding over the edges and stitching. Clip to the bag and enjoy!

Video Tutorial

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2 Discussion to this post

  1. Melissa says:

    What type of fabric is best for this bag? It looks easy enough to try as a semi-beginner, but I am still terrible at knowing which type of fabric is best for certain projects.
    Also, where it says lining, is that nylon lining, or just a solid, contrasting fabric of the same type as the outside?

    • Fabricland says:

      Hi Melissa,
      We used a home decor fabric with a heavier weight so it holds its shape better. For the lining, we just used a basic cotton fabric but you can also use a polyester lining.
      Can’t wait to see your bag!

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