Tip & Trick: Coats Thread Types

Coats Thread

The thread you use for your project is as important as the fabric. Matching the color, weight, content and durability to your project will create a mastered finished product.

Coats thread dates back to the 18th century and has become leaders in the industry. They continue to use technology to advance their products and grow their product lines. Fabricland carries a wide range of thread products to meet your sewing and crafting needs.

Coats Dual Duty XP


Medium weight for most hand and machine sewing. For all fibres, knits and wovens. 3 spool sizes available, 114m, 229m, 457m.


A heavier stronger thread for bold topstitching, cording and buttonholes. Use with interior and exterior upholstery fabrics. Use with a size 16 or 18 machine needle.

Fashion Brights

Medium weight for most fabrics. Strong, durable thread in vibrant colors for home or apparel.

Color Tints

Palest tint of color, excellent for formal gowns, infant layettes.

Coats Dual Duty Plus


Heathered denim color for construction and repair.

Button, Carpet & Craft

Strongest and heaviest HAND sewing thread. Polished glace finish prevents tangling and abrasion.

Coats Dual Duty Plus Hand Quilting Threads

Hand Quilting

Polished glace finish provides abrasion resistance and prevents tangling and knotting.

Coats Cotton Covered

Piecing & Quilting

This thread has a cotton covered polyester core that’s a perfect blend of strength and lustre. It lends to a beautiful finish with a smooth and defined finish.

Coats Cotton


For all-purpose sewing of natural fibers. Mercerized for lustre and strength. 100% Egyptian Extra Long Staple Cotton.

Machine Quilting

Extra long-staple Egyptian cotton for excellent sewability on natural fibers. Mercerized for strength and luster.

Hand Quilting

For traditional hand quilters who prefer sewing with 100% cotton. Special glace finish to prevent tangling and knotting and provide abrasion resistance.

Coats Machine Embroidery


Ideal for machine quilting, decorative stitching and applique. Suitable for conventional or overlock machine sewing, hand embroidery and cross-stitch.

Glow in the Dark

100% polyester, machine washable and dryable. Use as an accent for children’s clothing and on fun accessories for their rooms. The glow quickly recharges when exposed to light. For optimum glow select filled in designs rather than outlines.

Specialty Threads

Coats Bobbin

Soft & lightweight, continuous filament polyester thread. Creates a smooth backing for designs. It is a finer thread which means more thread can be wound on the bobbin meaning less rewinding.

Coats Extra Strong & Upholstery

For machine and hand sewing of upholstery, outdoor, and heavyweight fabrics.

Coats Transparent

Polyester Monofilament used when an invisible thread is desired for home decor, machine quilting or crafting.

Coats Outdoor

100% continuous multi-filament polyester thread. Ideal for canvas products like sails, tents, outdoor furniture and awnings. UV resistant, colorfast and extra strong.

Coats Eloflex

An innovative thread that sews soft, secure, stretchable seams. Perfect for leotards, gym clothing, cosplay, swimwear,, knit, sportswear and stretch denim.

Coats Secura

Heat-activated button thread. Use an iron on the polyester setting with steam to activate the bond to securely attach buttons and embellishments.

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